Mystery, Romantic Comedy and Fun


Dr. Ally Skye is a sex therapist in Las Vegas, so already you know she’s a busy girl. But when a friend is accused of murdering her philandering husband, a husband who Ally had been trying to treat in therapy, Ally doesn’t take that lightly and neither will homicide detective, hero, Zack Crawford. Or perhaps I should say, neither of them will take it laying down. Lol
Zack and Ally are at odds immediately as Zack looks to Ally to give him information so he can pin the murder on Ally’s friend. But soon the two join forces to find the real killer before he can strike again. But, it’s more complicated than that, the two are attracted to each other almost to distraction.
The characters are fun and you want them to get together. The author strings us along, but you love every minute of it! There’s suspense and sexual tension throughout with a very satisfying ending, which is of course the hallmark of a good romance novel.
If you love mysteries, romantic comedy and fun characters you’ll enjoy Sex and the Single Therapist by Marcia James.