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Gay Wedding in Marvel Comic


Superhero Northstar, a comic hero who is gay and “came out of the closet” in a 1992 Marvel issue of Alpha Flight is now getting married. Marvel Comic has issued a “Save the Date” card on their blog for the wedding. The partner of Northstar, Kyle Jinaduin one of the Astonishing Men will be the second comic book gay wedding in the last year. The wedding will be featured in the Astonishing Men Series #51 being released June 20th.

Archie ComicsKevin Keller held nuptials with Mr. Right in the #16 issue of Archie Comics earlier in the year. And way back in 2002, DC Comic Wildstorm Imprint featured a gay wedding between their comic characters Apollo and the Midnighter. While nupitials of gay couples have been fairly rare, the comic world has seen a rise in gay, lesbian and transgender characters in their pages.

There are rumors that DC is about to unveil that one of their “established” superheros is gay. Twitter feeds are waging heavily in favor of Batman, but DC has made no announcement.


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