About us

Reader’s Entertainment and News was created by Circle of Seven Productions, the creators of Book Trailers®.

Our Goals

  • Promote reading as entertainment
  • Promote reading as educational
  • Actively promote reading to youth
  • Supply entertainment to both traditional and non-traditional readers
  • Inspire people of all ages to read
  • Educate people about the publishing industry
  • Offer readers a way to learn more about authors
  • Help aspiring authors through educational and inspirational programming
  • Help equate books as entertainment on the same level as other forms of entertainment such as video games, traditional television programming, music and motion pictures.
  • Assist the philanthropic endeavors of Circle of Seven Productions

We utilize original programming such as The Lonesome Losers comedy series, author interview programs, documentaries, industry news shows, production partner project programs, and any other forms of online entertainment that have anything to do with books and/or reading.

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