Content Licensing

Content from Reader’s Entertainment Magazine is available
for redistribution utilization at no cost.

All material on the site is hereby licensed to be used by third parties under the following agreement:

  • The article must appear in its entirety and without further editing of the original material.
  • You may add your own editorial before or after the article.
  • You must link back to Readers Entertainment Magazine when using any of our content.
  • To use portions of an article write to for permission. Please send the name of the article and what portion you would like to use as well as a brief description of how it will be used and where. A link back to the original article is still required.
  • All multimedia can be utilized at no cost. Though we do not require you to include a link back for multimedia we would appreciate knowing when it is used.
  • Note: Please do not hotlink the images, but upload them to your own server.

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