Between the Covers in New York City: Book Expo America Begins

The largest publishing industry event in the U.S., Book Expo America, has started and the maddness that ensues will be the highlight of the year for many publishers, authors and industry professionals.

The event, which will open to the public next year, is for industry, authors and those involved with books and book accessories.  It boasts dozens of mini-events and panels over the next three days.  There are “Author Stages” where we meet favorite and new authors in an interview setting where we can interact.  There are workshops and panels that will discuss everything from marketing to new media and from industry stats to ebook enhancement.  The exhibit floor is open, but unless you’re a marathon runner you’ll not get to see everything, it’s just too big.  You must pick and choose where you’ll concentrate your efforts and what panels are the most important to you. Attending BEA takes some thought and effort. Not to mention lots of energy.

Author signings, celebrity sightings and free books keep people smiling and running.  Power meetings and networking are a driving force to the importance of the event as are the panels that will reflect on the past while projecting into the future of the industry.

Reader’s Entertainment will blog, write articles, do interviews and Tweet via @cosproductions over the next three days. Join us in finding what’s exciting, what’s new and unusual and what’s coming into the future of publishing and reading.