Stephen King’s “It” To Be A Movie


Fan’s of multi-talented, bestselling author Stephen King will be thrilled to learn that Warner Brothers is turning the bestselling novel “IT” into a major motion picture. Tapped to direct the film is Cary Fukunaga (Jane Eyre) and Chase Palmer (Dune) will be the scriptwriter.

Written by King in 1986, it lead the bestseller lists that year. In 1990, IT was adapted as a television mini-series with high ratings and reviews. Over the years, there have been several rumors of a movie being made, but it wasn’t until this latest news release in the Hollywood Reporter that everything is in place to make that happen.

From the Library Journal: “Moving back and forth between 1958 and 1985, the story tells of seven children in a small Maine town who discover the source of a series of horrifying murders. Having conquered the evil force once, they are summoned together 27 years later when the cycle begins again.” 

Due to the massive length to the novel, sources say the movie may be created in two parts. There are no release dates posted.