Smashwords Grows Again


For those authors passed over by traditional publishers, Smashwords has been their “go-to” site. The self-publishing company has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and they have made significant strides in creating a stream-lined process for authors to launch their books.  They have just unveiled a new process for authors that makes it simple to offer their book at a new price point. Prior to this upgrade, changing an eBook price across multiple platforms could take up to one week.

Owner/Founder Mark Coker said on his blog: “This means you can change a price from your Smashwords Dashboard and the new price, in multiple currencies, will reflect across Apple’s 32 iBookstores, often within an hour of your change.”

To date, Smashwords has 127,000 titles on their site written by some 44,000 authors, they are expected to earn nearly $12 million dollars in revenue in 2012.