For the BIG Book Lover


If you really love books, and you want to shout that to the world and you love the outdoors this might be the perfect thing for you – A Booklover’s Tent. Designed by Jack Maxwell, and available through FieldCandy, this is a sportsman/booklover’s dream tent. It’s a classic “A-Frame Tent” that will sleep two, features great fabric and workmanship and will tell everyone in the campground or the bears in the woods that you are a BookLover.

FieldCandy has dozens of other unique tent designs, but none that caught this editor’s eye, like the Book Tent. If you’re heading out on a camping trip this summer and you are a book nerd, grab this tent!!

From the website: “Are you a big fan of books? We mean, are you a really big fan of books. Because this is, well, it’s an enormous book. It looks like a giant has dropped his favourite best seller. Plus, it also lets you meet up with other book fans on the campsite. You can even hold book groups in your tent and discuss whether Twilight is better than Harry Potter.”