A Shaken Martini and a Bestseller Served Here

In the Twin-Cities of Minnesota, an area known for high literacy rates, comes a unique blending of books, drinks and entertainment. Books & Bars has been holding book club meetings for nearly ten years — all he adds is food, drinks and a comedy club atmosphere with moderator Jeff Kamin. The club meets at the bar, literally. While drinks and food is served, Jeff does a bit of stand-up, adds in a sprinkle of laughter and opens up the discussion about the book.

Appealing to the 20-40 year olds, the concept is like a neighborhood bar, only the conversation isn’t the weather, politics, or sports, it’s books.

Although most authors are ‘live and in person”, Jeff has used Skype to bring in a few authors that would otherwise have been unable to attend. Participation ranges from 20 – 200+ depending on the author and the book being discussed. Kamin so far, has kept his author guests to those who grace the bestseller lists.

Books & Bars has partnered with a local bookseller, Magers & Quinn to provide the books for the authors that appear.

Kamin’s rules for the book selection are: 
The book has to be discussion-worthy. That’s the one I don’t want to ever break.
The book must be available in paper format
Only one title by an author
Books selected are – 80% literary fiction and 20% nonfiction



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