So Crazy It Just Might Work: The Best Supervillain Schemes

By Joseph Helflich

It used to be so simple to construct an evil plot: Just look to the classic comics, in which all manner of dastardly upstarts tossed on costumes and took back what was rightfully theirs. These days, however, things have become too complicated for the typical thug in tights. To have a successful career in supervillainy, you’ve got to recover from a troubled childhood, acquire an archenemy, build an army of henchmen and maybe apply to a few evil internships. Or, you could just skip all that by checking out our collection of ambitious misconduct before you devise your next scheme, caper or heinous ruse.

1. Invincible Volume 13

Dinosaurus mans up

When good men refuse to act, it’s time for a villain to do something. Of course, it would have to be that way, as only an eccentric genius like Dinosaurus has what it takes to rid the world of problems such as overpopulation and unemployment. Sure, millions will have to die in the name of progress, but that’s what it takes to protect humanity from itself. After all, you can’t really expect a bunch of meddling do-gooders to understand your explosive master plan.

2. Ultimates II Ultimate Collection

Loki spreads mischief

To demonstrate your glorious superiority, there’s no better option than to break your foes until they all kneel before you. Fueled by jealousy, Loki uses his reality-manipulating powers to execute a complex scheme that almost achieves just that: Bruce Banner is outed as the Hulk. Thor turns out to be an escaped mental patient. Hank Pym betrays his former friends. And as everything falls apart around the costumed fools, a team of superhumans prepares to invade America. There could be no greater triumph for an Asgardian god out for revenge–except for maybe a time when dad Odin doesn’t get involved.

3. Infinite Crisis
Alexander Luthor tries infinite schemes

Captivity breeds contempt and it provides great incentive for revenge. By the time Kal-L smashes his way back into the DC universe from Earth-Two, Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime have already sorted through 78,000 different options to neutralize the Justice League. Their premeditated mayhem leads to a string of kidnappings, a war between alien worlds, the destruction of the JL Watchtower and the creation of a secret society of villains. These distractions leave the troublesome Earth-Two duo free to work on an interdimensional tuning fork that will allow them to replace present-day Earth with a utopia of their own design. Even so, everything falls apart–a good reminder that perfection takes time, and that you’re better off settling for a universe where you don’t get shoved .

4. Power Girl: A New Beginning

Ultra-Humanite takes New York City by surprise

Planning out a supervillain scheme is your time to go big or go back to one of your various subterranean lairs. As with most villainous actions, Ultra-Humanite’s plot to kidnap all of Manhattan is nothing short of audacious. The albino gorilla with the mind of a mad scientist hoists the urban island thousands of feet into the air and offers to trade its freedom for Power Girl’s body, so that he can finally be free of his ape form. It’s bold, it’s brash and it ticks all of the boxes for the perfect diabolical plan–except for the part where he underestimates his Kryptonian prey.

5. Invincible Iron Man – Volume 1

Ezekiel Stane carries on the family business

Not every plan has to result in worldwide destruction or global domination. By converting Stark tech into tools of terror, Zeke Stane builds himself a black market business capable of altering the future of warfare. His teams of bioweapon suicide bombers are effective, undetectable and–most importantly–ready to be sold to the highest bidder. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: Before long, Stane follows in his father Obadiah’s footsteps by brashly challenging Tony Stark. His defeat is just another example of why it makes more sense to keep a low profile and skip right to the part where you end up filthy rich.


Reprinted with Permission from Article by Joseph HelFlich

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