REVIEW: A Broken Childhood


Review – A Broken Childhood
by Lydia Ola Taiwo

Her nightmare began at the age of five. At that age, most of us fear the dark, monsters in the closet or thunderstorms. Lydia feared her parents.

How can one survive without love, with unending abuse, with sheer hopelessness? Author Lydia Taiwo not only survived, she became a beacon of hope. In A Broken Childhood, she chronicles the hell that was her daily existence. Whipped, beaten, starved and terrorised by both parents and her mother in particular, Lydia endured and was determined to be something more.

This book will make you angry, make you cry, make you wish you could have rescued this little girl. Above all of that, it will make you understand what sheer determination to survive looks like. In the end she did, and rose from the ruins of her childhood to become an ambassador for hope, both for children and for the tenacity of the human spirit.

A Broken Childhood is a very highly recommended read.