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From Young Romance to Hawkeye, what is it about comic book coupling that’s so irresistible? In an attempt to figure out what puts the passion in the panels, we’ve come up with some dream relationships that are anything but canonical.

Iron Man & Power Girl

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Finding love isn’t easy for anyone running a multinational corporation, but when their companies join forces to produce a new clean energy source, Karen Starr and Tony Stark end up having a team-up of a different kind. She’s just the type of otherworldly “girl” to enchant a genius-playboy-philanthropist, and as arm candy goes, he’s smart enough not to mess with her cat, Stinky. After their stock hits the top of the NASDAQ, expect a fancy New York wedding and a honeymoon in deep space.

Jubilee & Speedy

Two Against the World

While a teenage sidekick support group was an unlikely place for passion, Roy Harper and Jubilation Lee had no trouble bonding over adversity. Confessions over coffee become a real connection when these orphans turned super-allies finally find someone to confide in, far away from the judgment of their ex-teammates and X-teammates. He hugs her as he comes clean about his heroin addiction, and she fights back tears as she mourns the loss of her powers. In time, they both realize that nothing from their past prevents them from living happily ever after.

Daredevil & Knives Chau

A Little Too Into Each Other

Dumped yet again, a dejected Matt Murdock wanders across campus until he bumps into a Canadian transfer student rushing to orientation. Knives blurts out an apology after she notices his cane, they spend an hour talking about music, and so begins another whirlwind romance between two people who can’t let things go. But hey, who can blame them for falling hopelessly in love again, since it’s not like you need super-senses to tell that they’re each other’s type. Maybe this time, Mr. Chau will be more accepting of his daughter’s daring boyfriend. After all, he *is* going to be a super-powered lawyer someday.

Alan Scott & Mitchell Hundred

That Stubborn Couple

During what could have been just another big-ticket political fundraiser, Mitchell Hundred, the mayor of New York, catches a glimpse of Gotham City’s Alan Scott schmoozing amongst the broadcasting clique. A sexy look turns into a few steamy e-mails, and before long, the headstrong pair is arguing about whether or not to keep their affections secret. But despite their constant bickering, they become close enough to discuss their sad pasts and strange powers, allowing them to tap into their surplus of willpower and grow as a couple. Someday, they’ll end up saving the world together, but even then, Alan won’t publicly endorse his beau.

Michonne & Blade

The Survival Relationship

On a dark and stormy night in Georgia, two sword-wielding figures slice through the last of the undead before either speaks a word. Conversation is slow at first, but they’re quick to develop a sense of dependence. She’s quick and quiet, and he’s good with a wooden stake. Before morning, they seal their plan for revenge with a kiss, because the couple that hates together, stays together.

Carrie Kelley & Miles Morales

Young Love

Quiet laughter echoes down the alley, while a purse-snatcher dangles upside down beside a female Robin and a new kind of Spider-Man. Her face drops as she worries about how violent her life has become, and he reminds her that they both have a legacy to honor. They embrace and exchange phone numbers, mumbling something to each other about overprotective father figures. The crime-fighting duo sure seem a bit naive and nervous, but you can never tell who hides behind those masks these days.

She-Hulk & Deadpool

Opposites Attract

She’s a high-powered lawyer with green skin. He’s an insane mercenary with a hideous face. Together, they might be the perfect couple, but only if you promise to buy enough books to justify their fourth wall breaking antics. Otherwise, editorial will have to cancel this romance, merge all of the known universes and reboot the whole thing to remind us that it’s okay to love again.


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