Shadow of the Hawk: Brilliant, Poignant, Suspenseful



K.S. Jones’ writing is graceful and artistic.  It’s fluid and organized in through and action.  When I first started reading it I thought of my love for John Steinbeck and Grapes of Wrath.  You get that feel of what the Great Depression was like and how families responded to it, and to each other.  You feel the desperation and admire the courage and integrity of many of the people of that time.  

This story is about a young girl in her teens who considers marrying a man for the advantage it would give her family who is struggling.  You feel her acceptance of her situation, how mature it is, how well she’s accepted it, and how sad that something so important will be dictated by her circumstances.

Sooze Williams is an old soul packaged in the unspoken hope of youth during a trying era in American history.  Added to her burden is a murder charge pinned to her beloved brother.  It’s at this point I feel the novel begin to layer in the artful complexities of a John Grisham trial story.

Mostly it’s a human story.  A character story.  And you see the character’s soul laid bare by circumstances completely outside her control.  And so it is that we are pulled into her life and all the turmoil and mystery that follow, waiting and wondering what will happen and how she will react to it.

Superb writing! Superb storytelling!  K.S. Jones gives us a memorable read!

If you’re interested in the book trailer you can see it here-  You get a pretty good feel for it.  The author’s website is

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