Coloring Books for Adults

lalaRemember when you were a kid, you could sit and color for hours? Isn’t there still a little bit of that kid trying to escape? The one that looks at kids coloring books with not only fondness, but desire? Or that inner child that wants so badly to purchase that 64-Crayon box? Well, head to the office supply section because these coloring books are for you!

La La Land: Creative & Mindful Colouring Books for Adults has just launched a Kickstarter program creating coloring books for adults. The Austrailia start-up hopes to release coloring books to “help people with mindfulness and creativity.”


From the Kickstarter Page:

“Colouring books for adults are huge right now – they give us the opportunity to tune out and unplug from our daily schedules and relax. Colouring books can also help us connect with our inner child both through creativity and nostalgia. Studies show that colouring books are also great for relieving stress.

Follow this link to their video.







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