Goodreads Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary with Hide A Book Day


goodGoodreads is celebrating their ten-year anniversary this September 18th. As part of their celebration they are partnering with THE BOOK FAIRIES  to host HIDE A BOOK DAY.  The premise is for readers to hide a book in their neighborhood for others to find, read, and leave for another person.

Authors are being asked to participate as well. Authors can leave their own titles, or share a favorite book. If you’re hiding your own book….sign it! Plus, you can ask your readers and street teams to join in.

Here’s everything you need to know to get involved:

  • First you need the two stickers for each book. Order them here to get your stickers before September 18. The Book Fairies work magic, but they are based in England and do need time to get them out to you, so don’t delay (order them today)!
  • Hide the book in a semi-obvious spot for someone to find. We recommend a high-traffic area like train and bus stops, national monuments, and parks. But watch the weather forecast as you don’t want your book to get soggy.
  • Once you’ve hidden a book, take a picture and share it with your fellow Goodreads members and Book Fairies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #goodreadsturns10 #hideabookday, #ibelieveinbookfairies.

You never know if you’re placing a book for someone who finds it at exactly the right time, and how they end up changing the world because of it.

Which book will you hide? Tell us in the comments!