Macmillan’s Heroes and Heartbreakers Blog Shuttering


heroheartJust a few weeks after announcing the closing of ProNoun – Macmillan Publishing’s self-publishing portal – comes another closing from the publisher.

Heroes and Heartbreakers, Macmillan’s romance blog will be closed at the end of 2017. The closure of the popular blog, which began back in 2001, comes as a surprise to many readers.

In a statement, Macmillan said: “As the digital habits of readers and consumers evolve, our strategic direction for reaching them evolves as well. Macmillan will be saying goodbye to the Heroes and Heartbreakers website by the end of 2017 and going forward will focus on engaging romance fans via our e-newsletter – which has a robust, growing circulation – and on social media.”

Four staff members who work on H&H will leave the company by the end of November as a result of the closure, announced on Twitter. Asked if Macmillan is planning any other near-term realignments of their digital properties and websites, a spokesperson said, “the answer is no.”

They have not stated whether there will be any additional closures.