A Wonderful Ending to a Magical Trilogy – Face the Fire Book Review

Face the Fire (Three Sisters Island trilogy #3)

Face the Fire (Three Sisters Island trilogy #3)Face the Fire by Nora Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I truly adore Mia. She is hard working, independent, she protects those she loves, and causious of who she gives her heart to. And who would blame her? Honestly, being left by the one she loved, and only then to have her best friend walk away too! She had to harden up and rely on herself. She had to dig deep just to keep going and face life. This is not to say that there is not a chance at a happy ending. As fate would have it Sam, the betrayer of love, comes waltzing back onto the island and into her life. Can Mia deal with her feelings of abandonment? Can she learn to trust Sam again? When the darkness is getting closer, and the prophecy is soon to end, Mia has to look within herself to help save the Three Sisters Island. This is a great end to wonderful series. Go grab this book and enjoy!

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Book Summary:
A stunningly beautiful, powerful witch who possesses the gift of Fire, Mia Devlin locked her heart away when Sam Logan rejected her youthful love and left Three Sisters Island. Eleven years later, Sam returns to the island to claim Mia and take over his family business, the Magick Inn. Passion still burns between them, but Mia refuses to trust the man who once tore her life apart, leaving her grieving and alone. It’s imperative that they find a way to resolve their thorny, complicated relationship for time is running out and the deadline for breaking a centuries-old curse is near. Mia has the steadfast aid of her two sisters of the heart, powerful witches that rule Air and Earth, but without Sam’s help, even Mia’s powers may not be enough to keep her alive until the deadline. And unless Mia makes the right choice about her heart and Sam, evil may win in the final confrontation, destroying all their lives and Three Sisters Island as well.



Book review by Holly Irish