Book Review Podcasts From Amazon


podddyThere’s a new book review format from Amazon the Book Review Podcast. It will feature episodes of book reviews hosted by Amazon Books editors, along with an author interview. The first three podcasts feature “Fall Blockbuster Books,” “Great and Not-So-Great Leaps from Book to Film,” and “Books that Made Us Laugh (and Cry).”

Here’s more from Amazon’s Press Release:

The Amazon Books editors love writing about the books that have found a special place on our shelves. But we also spend a great deal of time talking amongst ourselves about these top-notch books, as well as debate why some books that arrived in our hands with high hopes didn’t meet our expectations once we cracked open the pages.

The Amazon Book Review Podcast brings these conversations between our book experts to readers who are looking for their next favorite book.

Each podcast features a spirited roundtable discussion on a book topic close to our editors’ hearts, followed by an interview with a remarkable author. John Carreyrou, father-and-son memoirists David Sheff and Nic Sheff, and Kristin Hannah are among the podcast’s first guests—with more great authors to come.

The Amazon Book Review Podcast launches with three episodes—Fall Blockbuster Books, Great and Not-So-Great Leaps from Book to Film, and Books that Made Us Laugh (and Cry).

So take a listen. Find a book you love. And subscribe to the Amazon Book Review Podcast to learn about books that will stick with you long after you have flipped the final page.

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