Threading Thru Life – Liz Butcher

On the rare occasion I get some down-time, my favourite hobby is knitting. I’m a nanna at heart! I’m one of those people that can’t be idle. Just sitting down and watching television isn’t relaxing to me—much to my husband’s bewilderment. I love curling up on the couch and working through a complicated pattern. Especially one which challenges my skills and sees me unravelling the beginning rows again and again because of mistakes. My mother is also a knitter and I used to love watching her turn a ball of wool into a scarf or a jumper. 

As a writer, I find there’s something hypnotic about the click-clack of knitting needles and on more than one occasion knitting has helped me work through a tricky plot issue that’s been bothering me, or helped me form my plots and characters. It’s also helped me during times of stress and anxiety, calming me with each stitch. I look forward to the day my daughter is old enough, so I can teach her how to knit also. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do.

Liz’s latest release is FATE’S FURY

The last thing Jonah Sands expected on his thirtieth birthday was to have his life thrust into the hands of a dangerous, red-haired woman—or to be the only person in the world to survive an encounter with her.

As the death toll skyrockets, Jonah and his two best friends, the siblings Tristan and Ava Carter, find themselves at the epicentre of inexplicable phenomena—a stranded ferry transforms into a barge headed for the Underworld; young girls levitate to whisper ancient riddles; technology across the globe is controlled by some unseen hand. And it all seems to lead back to the woman with red hair. When a stranger finds them in the midst of a thunder storm and offers his otherworldly assistance, Jonah finally unravels the truth about who he really is. And what it means for the rest of humanity.

Liz Butcher resides in Australia, with her husband, daughter, and their two cats. She’s a self-confessed nerd with a BA in psychology and an insatiable fascination for learning. Liz has published a number of short stories in anthologies and has released her own collection, After Dark, in 2018. Her debut novel, Fates’ Fury released September 2019, soon followed with LeRoux Manor in September 2020.

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