BOOK REVIEW: Burning Wild (Leopard People #3) by Christine Feehan


Book Review: Burning Wild (Leopard People #3) by Christine Feehan
From: Maureen Gianinio’s Reviews 

“Emma, I’ll never be easy. I won’t. I’m not going to pretend your life will be a bed of roses, but I can tell you that no man will ever need you more, or want you more, or love you more than I will.” Jake- Burning Wild
Reread Burning Wild, bk3 of Christine Feehan’s Leopard Series! Such a roller coaster ride! Talk about dysfunctional families…Christine takes us further into the darker sides of her shifter world. Poor Jake has won the tortued hero prize…so far! My heart breaks for him. So glad he finds a mate in Emma. Her nurturing, healing nature is just what his soul needs.
Heart breaking that he isn’t sure he can Love, if it had been beaten out of him. Love seeing his softer side is there, even if he doesn’t see it, the way he takes care of Emma, his interactions with the kids and his young house guest. Yet, he struggles, hoping just having Emma near will be enough and he can spare her becoming part of his world, but knowing he could never let her go.
And she aches to know what his mixed messages are, if she’s means more to him than employee, if she is stuck in the friend zone. Oh how she tests him! Finally pushing him over the edge to make his claim.
All the while the dangers from his past, his warped family, are circling. Endangering him and now her. We do get a look at how their Leopard will emerge to protect them. The secondary characters emerge grabbing you, too. Hope we get to see some of their stories some day…hoping none of them are the enemy talked about in Leopard’s Wrath. (Bk12)
Our favorite regulars are present!
Poor Drake, ever the voice of reason, stands by as advisor, the leader, ushering Jake into his plans, taking us further into the series plot. Conner, and Joshua, still honorable and protective even if a little worse for wear, clues to life making them tortured heroes.
Along with the dangers, the heart ache, and the heat. This book has some of my favorite laugh out loud moments… the sink sprayer and horse trough. ..and Drake and Joshua at the movies!
Onto Wild Fire, next…fingers crossed for Conner!