Behind the Words With Suzanne Woods Fisher


Today, we welcome author Suzanne Woods Fisher and are excited to discuss her latest release Love on a Whim. Welcome Suzanne! First, tell our readers about about your newest book.

Brynn Haywood prides herself on her mistake-free life, until one impulsive weekend in Las Vegas changes everything. A whirlwind romance leads to a hasty wedding. When Monday morning arrives, it delivers an overwhelming sense of regret to Brynn. Panicking, she seeks solace in Chatham, Massachusetts, with her best friend, Dawn Dixon. However, Dawn’s well-intentioned efforts to fix Brynn’s mistake only make everything worse.

Brynn Haywood is not known for her impulsivity. But she makes a quick decision that she almost immediately regrets. Can you tell readers about her decision and what led her to this choice?

As a meticulous civil engineer, Brynn knows to approach life with caution—to anticipate problems in order to avoid them. She’s determined to be the opposite of her own parents with their messy track record of marriages and divorces. But that was before she met T.D. DeLima. Before she fell head over heels in love with him. Before she said yes to marrying him . . . all within twenty-four hours.

How does Brynn handle the consequences of her decision?

Panic! Brynn packs up and leaves T.D. while he’s still sound asleep. No goodbye, no note, no explanation. She just flees.

One of Brynn’s closest friends—the one she fled to during her own conundrum—is going through a crisis that requires Brynn’s help. How does Brynn step in to help save the day?

Brynn arrives at the Main Street Creamery in Chatham, Massachusetts, during the peak of tourist season—the fourth of July holiday. For the Dixon family, it’s an “all hands on deck” scooping ice cream kind-of-busy. Adding to the pressure is the lavish wedding of Lincoln Hayes’s daughter. Lincoln has been a fairy godfather to the Dixons, providing all kinds of help to keep the Main Street Creamery afloat. He’s also the “very special friend” to Dawn’s mom. How can they say no when he asks for help with his daughter’s wedding—catering the food and baking the cake? Callie Dixon (book 2) has plenty of experience with fine dining, but she has no time to bake the wedding cake. And that’s where Brynn, a hobby baker, comes to the rescue.

How does this event help her rethink her future?

The more Brynn bakes, the more her whole soul settles. The more she realizes what her life has been missing. So maybe her impulsive marriage—which has yet to be untangled—was driven by intuition. Maybe it occurred because she’d been stifling a desire to make a change in her life. A big one.

Although Love on a Whim is a contemporary romance novel, it takes readers on a powerful journey of a family whose lives have been shattered by different circumstances. How do they move toward rebuilding their new lives?
Asking for forgiveness started the ball rolling in this novel toward each of the characters’ ability to heal from invisible wounds. Each one! Brynn, Dawn, T.D., Bear, and Lincoln. Especially Lincoln.

What do you hope readers will gain from reading Love on a Whim?

Beyond an entertaining romance full of delicious food, I hope readers will catch the deeper theme that’s going on in Brynn Haywood’s life. She’s had a successful life, yet she feels a longing for something more. Something, she says, that glimpses possibilities far beyond fact. Some might say that it’s a yearning for God.

Love on a Whim is the final book in the Cape Cod Creamery series. What ties the book in this series together?

Ice cream, of course! Lots of it.

Are there any threads that run through the whole series that will be wrapped up in this book?

Love and romance. It would spoil the story if I said more, but I’m pretty sure the ending will leave readers with a sense of “Ah. Just what I’d hoped for.”

How can readers connect with you?

My website is the place to go: There’s a sign-up for my newsletter on it, and that’s my favorite way to connect with readers. Lots of good things come to newsletter subscribers. Instagram is also one of my favorite hang-out-online spots.

Where can readers purchase a copy of Love on a Whim?

You can find Love on a Whim at your favorite retailer. And if it’s not on the shelves, please ask for it!

Thank you so much for joining us today! Readers, here’s a quick look at LOVE ON A WHIM and it releases today!

Brynn Haywood’s impulsive marriage to a man she’d known less than 24 hours leaves her with deep regret. She flees to Cape Cod, finding refuge with her loyal friend, Dawn Dixon. As Brynn grapples with her emotions, Dawn acts swiftly, eager to help secure a lawyer for her through her mother Marnie’s good friend, Lincoln Hayes. However, Lincoln’s preoccupation with his daughter’s lavish wedding brings unexpected challenges.

The arrival of Lincoln’s estranged son, Bear Hayes, stirs the waters further. Alarmed by his father’s extravagant generosity toward the Dixon family, Bear ignites friction between Marnie and Lincoln. As the wedding day arrives, Lincoln vanishes–and an unwelcome guest makes a surprise appearance.