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A Book Lover’s New Year’s Resolution


It’s about to be a brand new year and if you’re like us you can hardly wait to be rid of 2020!

So many people start the new year with a New Year’s resolution. Usually, that’s to lose weight or be better with remembering birthdays, but we thought we would list five things a book lover might include in their New Year’s Resolution!

  1. Read more books. You might try the Goodreads Year in Book where you can challenge yourself to read a certain number of books by the end of the year! You can also track and recommend books on BookBub.com.
  2. Write book reviews. You love a book or an author so much and hope they keep writing. Why not help them out and leave a book review for them on Amazon, B&N, Walmart, Goodreads or BookBub? Commit to one book review a month. That’s not overwhelming and a very attainable goal!
  3. Make time for reading. This could be the toughest one of all. But, reading is a gift you give yourself. Don’t miss out! Read while you’re in the tub. Get an audiobook and listen to it while you commute to work! You can steal moments a little at a time until you finish the book!
  4. Join a book club or book group! There are so many amazing book or reader groups. You can choose the one that fits your most loved genre, style or trope. There are groups on social media and in places like GoodReads or even LinkedIn. Search online for groups near you or that fit your criteria. Commit to joining one group even if it’s a group for a particular author!
  5. Encourage others to read. Even if you just occasionally say something about reading and great stories on your social media a few times throughout the year, promote reading and your love of books to others.

Choose one of the above or all but we challenge you to pick a book lover’s New Year’s resolution for 2021!

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