Another Thrilling Thriller from Dean Koontz

Doing my best to write my thoughts without spoilers, because the reason most read a Thriller is the not knowing, the chills and surprises at the unraveling of twists and turns. The story we follow David Thorne along has plenty, with tributes to classic horror and Science Fiction authors from Poe to Lovecraft.

10 years ago the love of his life, Emily, disappeared on a dark stormy night. He is a man filled with grief and guilt since. The knowledge of why he was not there, the unknown of what happened eats at him. It keeps him searching for the truth and not able to move forward. Fills his dreams with nightmares. Then one night, Maddison walks into his life.

To David she’s the image of Emily in appearance, thought, and action. So many mysteries around her he wants to overlook because of how he feels at times allows the suspension of reality too easily. But being a writer and a man who likes his facts he still needs to know what happened to Emily? Who is Maddison? Is she Emily? How can she be?

Being a well known author, his false claims of research opens many doors, has people offering information…which leads him on a path of the horrific and bizarre…and us on the edge if our seats until the Orpheus and Eurydice ending.

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