Meet Ann H. Gabhart
Farmgirl, canine wrangler, and historical romance author

Ann H. Gabhart is a country girl, grandmother, dog lover, and amateur photographer. Oh yeah, and a writer too. While she’s never tried to count them up, she figures she written a few million words over the years to come up with her stories. Ann does that writing now in a room with windows that lets her gaze out over her farm and watch the birds at her birdfeeder. As a bonus she often has a couple of dogs sleeping behind her chair, waiting for her to say the magic word, walk.

Ann grew up on a tobacco and beef cattle farm with two sisters. No brothers, so she and her sisters were out there in the fields helping her dad in the crops. Now she lives about a mile away from the old farmhouse where she was born more years ago than she wants to admit, but she’s more than glad to admit she’s still on a farm where she can take off walking through fields and woods every day. Sometimes she invites her characters along with her to ponder what they might do next in her stories. Other times, she simply keeps an eye out for the beauties of nature to share on social media. She’s blessed to have a beautiful cliff area with a sparkling creek running down a hollow that nourishes abundant wildflowers and is home to wildlife. Some of her sweetest walks are those with her grandchildren down that creek or across the fields, enjoying the outdoors. Her dogs, Frankie and Marley, love it too, especially on a hot day when they can cool off in the creek. The grandkids have been known to cool off in the creek too. As for Ann, she tries her best not to fall in, but it has happened.

Ann dreamed of being a writer from the time she was around ten and first opened a notebook to start writing a mystery reminiscent of the Hardy Boy stories she so enjoyed. With more than thirty-five books published, that dream has come true. Sometimes the Lord truly does give a person the desires of her heart.


Here’s a look at Ann’s latest release: ALONG A STORIED TRAIL 

Kentucky packhorse librarian Tansy Calhoun doesn’t mind the rough trails and long hours as she serves her Appalachian mountain community during the Great Depression. Yet she longs to find love like the heroines in her books. When a charming writer comes to town, she thinks she might have found it—or is the perfect man actually closer than she thinks?

Perdita Sweet has called these mountains home for so long she’s nearly as rocky as the soil around her small cabin. Long ago she thought she could love, but when the object of her affection up and married someone else, she stopped giving too much of herself away to others.

As is so often the case, it’s easier to see what’s best for others than to see what’s best for oneself, and Perdita knows who Tansy should choose. But why would anyone listen to the romantic advice of an old spinster?

Saddle up for a heartfelt story of love—love of family, love of place, and the love of a lifetime—from bestselling author Ann H. Gabhart.