Virginia Kantra knows Little Women,  knows Louisa May Alcott.  I love the way she was inspired to bring the March Family into a contemporary retelling. I enjoyed the updated depiction of the older sisters in Meg & Jo, in book one. You recognized them translated from the pages of the original version even as you read a book that is a beautifully written story even without knowing Little Women.

Now Beth & Amy really grabbed me. Virginia Kantra fleshed out the meek sweet too pure for this world, Beth. And the one-dimension attention seeking Amy. Made them into amazing three-dimensional characters that pulled you into their stories. Made you like them, understand them and hope for them. Loved how these Victorian characters are brought to life now, belonging to a contemporary plot and setting…Giving them their very own story.

Amy, the baby, feeling like she’s always in her older sister’s shadow struggles to escape it, find her own individuality. Prove she’s good enough, can be wanted and loved for herself and not second choice by  Trey, the man she loves, who once dated, loved Jo.  Both of them have a hard time proving that to her, its quite the page turning journey that had Amy and Trey winning my heart with their growth to the happily ever after.

Beth, the pleaser, wanting to be what everyone expected, thought she should be, except herself. So much so she’s easily taken advantage of and used. The anxiety and pressure she forced onto herself has led to an eating disorder, tainted her passion. This is so well written, beautifully brings you into the world of someone hiding their illness, struggling to admit and then fight to gain control of it. Find a way to be herself, follow her own heart. Love the use of Dan, how he helps her take the first few steps, but knows she has to make her own choices.

There is a beautiful underlying storyline of their mother, and in turn their father. How they lost themselves in their lives and forgot to how to communicate. Through the growth of their daughters we watch their growth and healing. Of minds and hearts coming to understand each other.

I highly recommend this story of Family, sisterhood.  Journeys in love not always easy but worth working for, and finding your dreams, figuring out what makes you most happy.

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