Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda by Janesh Vaidya


In our modern world, our health is greatly impacted by the choices we make in our daily lives. That means that the environment we live in, the kind of lifestyle we lead, and what we are surrounded by will decide the life span and the health status of our body-mind system. For instance, if we are living in a polluted atmosphere, and leading an unhealthy lifestyle, during our lifetime our natural health is at high risk, with different kinds of pathogens invading our internal system and creating uneasy (dis-ease) function of our organs.

Most people complain, stating that their life is not their conscious choice—so what is the point in discussing this issue? Perhaps because of their job or family situation, they are forced to live in the middle of a crowded city, breathing polluted air and drinking contaminated water everyday. Perhaps because of the lack of time in their busy working schedule, they adapt to fast food and often compromise with their necessary sleep. And at the end, they become victims of life-threatening health issues.

I must say, life is all about priority. If you give first priority to your health, you will be able to see many possibilities to minimise the risk of diseases in your life. Wherever you live on this planet right now, whichever age you are at present, and whatsoever health condition you are in today, by making the most necessary changes in your life with the wisdom of Ayurveda, you can improve your basic health and immunity.

How Does Ayurveda Work in a Human Body?
The microcosm of our body is made up by cells, which according to Ayurveda terminology, are constituted by five elementsearthwaterfireether, and air. The combinations of these elements generate the forces (Kapha [water and earth], Pitta [fire and water], and Vata [ether and air]), which help the body to sustain and move forward in life through different ages. Since our birth until the death, these three forces support the growth and health of our bodily organs, and maintain the functions of our systems, (such as our cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, muscular, lymphatic, nervous, reproductive, endocrine, integumentary and skeletal systems).

Even though most of us are born with good health, at some point during our lifetime, we lose the track and run into unhealthy, often socially enforced, habits, which eventually break down the natural resistance power of our body and weaken our organs. These addictions restrict the natural function of our internal systems to cleanse and rejuvenate our body. Eventually, these unhealthy habits accumulate ama (toxins) in the body tissues and invites in harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi—the agents of different kinds of diseases. But whatever health situation we are in right now, with the tools of Ayurveda, we can understand the root cause of our present health issues and adapt the natural solutions to repair and maintain our body in the coming days.

How Can this Ancient Health Practice Help to Improve my Health in These Modern Times?
While stepping into the practice of Ayurveda, we must understand the fact that before the emergence of Allopathy and Homeopathy, our ancestors were treating their bodies and minds with the natural health solutions that existed on this planet. They constantly cleansed and rejuvenated their internal systems with the healing power of Mother Nature.

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient health sciences in the world, and has been practiced in India through the centuries by a group of traditional Ayurveda physicians called Vaidyas. In ancient times, every village in India had at least one Vaidya family, taking care of the wellness of the people in that region.

Through the years, Vaidyas have been maintaining the health of the people in the villages mainly through the three natural practices. In Sanskrit they are called aaharvihar, and vijar, which translate to food, lifestyle, and thoughts. The main advantage of Vaidya’s three traditional practices is that they can be practiced by anybody, at any age and health condition, to boost the energy and vitality, and maintain good health and immune power in a human body-mind system. Let me give you a short introduction to what have become known as the three commandments of Ayurveda.

  1. Aahar
    As the old saying goes, we are what we eat. Our daily food habits have a direct impact on our internal systems and the state of health and diseases. Because of our fast and processed food culture, our body is prone to many diseases in this modern age. But, if we make a diet plan according to our present health condition, we can save our organs from future diseases and regain our utmost health.

    To make a food plan for your body constitution, first you need to find out the state of balance and imbalance in your system. With the help of the self tests in my latest book, Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda, you can find your PDE (Presently Dominating Elements). According to the status of your dominating elements and the chances of aggravation in their corresponding forces, you will get advice on how to balance those elements and avoid the risk of disease. The recommendations in the book are based on the theory that food is our natural medicine, which is one of the key traditional practices of the Vaidyas in Ayurveda.

    With this ancient wisdom, everybody can be a therapist in their kitchen, and treat their symptoms with their daily food. The food list given in the book will help you to shop the right ingredients for your body type, and help you to use the right food (to add or take away from your daily diet) according to your present health status.

  2. Vihar
    If we observe a person’s lifestyle, we can see the present and future status of his/her health. When we analyse our present health issues, we can identify the root cause of most issues (which is basically the result of our old, unhealthy habits).

    Even if we are currently healthy, if we continue with our unhealthy habits, we can assume the risk of getting diseases in a particular organ or even in an entire system of our body in the future. For instance, if a person is a smoker, there is a risk of getting troubles in the respiratory system, or if a person is an alcoholic has a chance of damaging the liver and its related organs and systems. Even those who do not smoke or drink are still at risk of future diseases if living in polluted conditions.

    In short, nowadays, good health is not automatically granted. Good health is the result of many conscious choices in life. And when you design your lifestyle by avoiding unhealthy habits and adding healthy habits into your daily life, you have a better chance to live well on this planet.

    Ayurveda recommends leading a lifestyle with the right food and exercise, mental relaxation programs, and enough rest for the body through the right amount of sleep. Sleep is one of the most essential therapies to maintain good health in a human body-mind system, and the amount of deep sleep needed varies from person to person, according to the dominating elements in the body. Once you find your PDE with the self-tests in Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda, you can follow the sleeping hours in the book. (If you have problems with insomnia, you can use the sleeping positions and suggestions in the book to improve the quality of your sleep.)

  3. Vijar
    Thoughts are the architect of our life. Every thought is a piece of food for our brain, and when we choose good thoughts, our mind will be naturally cleaned and rejuvenated with the affirmative inputs.

    In Vaidya’s traditional practices, mind development has a major role in maintaining good health and immunity. Eating with mindfulness and to meditating in higher focus are various levels of practices traditionally recommended to handle different symptoms of mind (such as heavy stress, depression, and anxiety). To get your “breakfast for your mind,” you can visit my website ( and read a new “Thought of the day”every morning, which is helping many people around the world to start their day with meaning. Once you start practicing the disciplines of Ayurveda, your life will come into alignment: the right food, exercise, and relaxation programs for your body and mind (including deep sleep).

Start Your Journey
As the saying goes, every long journey starts with a single step. Even this small article can be a beginning, or a restart, of your healthy lifestyle. See Ayurveda as an ocean in which you are starting your voyage from a shore in search of your optimal health. Take small steps by learning the basics of this natural science and adapt its disciplines one by one into your daily life. And always keep in mind that, on this journey, you are the solution and not the problem; you are the healer and not the wound; and you are the medicine, not the disease.

If you have any questions about your health, you are welcome to write to me, briefly explaining your health issues.

Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda

Optimize Your Immune Power with Simple Practices for Your Specific Body and Mind Type

Ayurveda has been used to restore energy and resist disease for thousands of years. Join traditional Ayurveda practitioner Janesh Vaidya as he presents this powerful health science of the East in a way that is easy to understand and practice for all. You will discover how to use Ayurveda and its branches of food, lifestyle, yoga, and mind development to strengthen your immune system. This book also includes two simple quizzes so you can identify your core nature as well as your presently dominating elements, and follow the exact food and lifestyle recommendations that will work for you.

Janesh Vaidya provides a five-stage health program as well as food guidelines, lists, timetables, and tips for shopping and cooking. This hands-on guide additionally includes short yoga programs that help balance dominating energies, meditations to help strengthen your mental immune power, and tips for sleep therapy. Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda contains all you need to strengthen yourself in body, mind, and spirit through simple lifestyle adjustments.


Janesh Vaidya (Kerala, India) was born in a family of traditional Ayurveda practitioners in Kerala, South India. He has spent his life practicing and teaching Ayurveda in India, Europe, and the United States. His books have sold more than 130,000 copies in Sweden, and have been translated into German, Dutch, Norwegian, and Finnish.

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