Vlada, A Dracula Tale From Christopher Denmead


Vlada, A Dracula Tale
Acclaimed horror writer, Christopher Denmead gives an incredible new take on the legend of Dracula!!
Illustrations by Ken Hunt and a foreword by NY Times Bestseller, Jonathan Mayberry!

We take the entire cast of Dracula and Gender Swapped the cast, Its the classic story with new twists and turns. This is a prose novel. Very akin to Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein with 24 black and white illustrations by Ken Hunt.

Amazon.com:  Vlada a Dracula Tale: Denmead, Mr Christopher David, Hunt, Ken: 9798718583601: Amazon.com: Books

Christopher Denmead has both updated and gender-swapped Bram Stoker’s life-impaired Transylvania nobleman. Vlad is now Countess Vlada Dracula, and she is now pitted against a female Harker and -of course – a new take on Van Helsing. It’s both a re-telling of the story and an original take, bringing freshness and a dark sense of fun to a story we only think we know by heart.

It’s a quick read -pause through to drink in the wonderful artwork-and a thoroughly entertaining one. Scary and smart, fast and very furious. It is -pun entirely intended – something to really sink your teeth into.

Turn the page. Take the bite.

Jonathan Mayberry, NY Times Bestselling author of V-Wars, Ink, & Rot & Ruin


Chris Denmead hosts a midnight horror themed radio show The Dr. Chris Radio of Horror show in Worcester MA. The show has been broadcasting on 91.3 FM from the WCUW building since Oct, 2007 It Airs Sunday night at 10pm. He recently published Vlada a Dracula Tale, a Graphic Novella and Audio Book and Tie in Prequel Comic Book with artist Ken Hunt. He gender swaps the cast of Dracula. He lives in Framingham MA. He has one son and his Black Cat. When he is not writing books on the most unusual filmmakers in New England, he is watching Godzilla movies with his son or playing video games. He is an avid comic book collector.