Guest Post: Making Meditation Easy, Natural, and Always Personal


Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Murray du Plessis, author of the new Modern Meditations.

Who amongst us doesn’t have great intentions when it comes to meditation! Somehow, though, we struggle to get our bums on the cushion and our minds turned inward. We’ve persuaded ourselves that meditation is a difficult practice, requiring steely focus and yogic discipline. Yet the truth is, meditation is a perfectly natural state of mind, something we can slip into whenever and wherever we wish, with ease.

Let’s challenge those misplaced beliefs about meditation, by re-framing our definition of what it means to meditate. What if we decided meditation was something far simpler and accessible, like:

Sitting back, listening to and enjoying our breath.
Focusing on my breathing, I inhale smoothly and deeply. As I breathe out, I release all tension, and feel myself gliding into calm.


Slipping inside our body, finding a comfy nook to rest in, and feeling how good it is to be there.
I dive inward, to a safe space within, and appreciate the warmth, the comfort, the calm that surrounds me.

Emerging a positive quality.
Looking within, I see my inner light. This is me, shimmering in my perfect form. Now, choosing a quality I wish to experience—be it peace, happiness, strength, or love—I feel that quality glowing at the center of my light. I release its vibration now, and its warmth spreads out delightfully across my being.

Stepping into the vastness of our minds.
I step into the universe of my mind, and appreciate this boundless space that is uniquely mine. Here, free of limitations, I can generate magic. I can make the impossible possible, through the power of thought. By simply deciding, “I am this,” I can step into greatness. I do so, now.

Observing the forces of life.
I observe the wonder of life, first as it exists in me, then around me. Being alive, right now… what a blessing this is!

Opening up our hearts, and bringing their clean, potent energy into the now.
I see and feel my heart, and open its door up wide, releasing its flow, its might, its fullness outward. Immediately I feel an energy shift happen in me, toward power and light.

Seeing, then releasing my inner light.
I glance inward, and there it is: that star of light, sparkling perfectly within. I now let that light out, releasing its current of bright energy across the length and breadth of my being. Vibrating with the purity of spirit, I give myself over to the bliss.

So, what is your definition of meditation? By asking yourself, as you’re sitting down to meditate, “What do I wish to experience, right now?” your practice will remain fresh, practical, and very personal. See what comes up, then create an inner dialogue around it. Allow yourself to flow with the words, feeling their essence as you go into the experience. Give yourself that gift, and watch as wonder surfaces, naturally.

To assist you with your meditation practice, you may be interested in Modern Meditations, with its 101 guided commentaries, each one entirely experiential. The book is divided into twelve fields–including relaxation, healing, abundance, and transformation–allowing you to dive straight into an experience matching your current mood and needs.

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