Combining Crystals and Essential Oils for the Month of Love and Romance By Kac Young PhD


Combining Crystals and Essential Oils for the Month of Love and Romance
By Kac Young PhD

Once the holidays have passed and we welcome in the New Year, February reminds us of love, romance and expressing that love to our spouses and significant others as well as our family and friends.

As we look for new ways to express our love we can enhance that power by combining crystals and essential oils for more impact. Let me show you what I mean.

How to Attract Love:
If you are longing for a partner to share your life, begin by dedicating the entire month to finding romance.

Step One: begin a daily practice of meditation and visualization focusing on giving love to yourself and then filling the room with that feeling of fullness and appreciation. Let it expand out your door and into the world. Keep expanding that feeling of love until you fill the entire universe with it.

Step Two: Diffuse rose essential oil and hold a rose quartz in one hand and a black tourmaline in the other during your meditation. Rose quartz brings the triad of love, forgiveness, and balance with it. To experience true love, a balance of love and forgiveness must be present in order to make the heart whole and ready for partnership. Adding to the balance is black tourmaline, which grounds you in this earthly plane and allows us to store the love energy for use throughout the day. One stone brings the love and the other keeps it present and grounded within us.

Step Three: After your meditation, program your crystals with the intention you want to set for attracting love. Be sure to state your intention as an affirmative statement, and not as a wish or a hope. Examples: “I now experience the love and support of a partner and it fills my heart with joy.””I am in my perfect relationship where love and appreciation are equal and reciprocal in all ways.” “I am grateful for the perfect love I am experiencing this day and every day of my life.”

How to Enhance Love:
If you are already in a relationship and wish to enhance the connection or rekindle the romance, there are several things you can do. Turquoise is the stone of giving and receiving. It is the stone of friendship and long-lasting relationships. Turquoise also enhances the clarity of your purpose. It is a calming stone that allows you to recognize the divine in all your relationships. During the month of February, wear a turquoise bracelet or a turquoise pendant or amulet of some sort. Keep the stone close to your heart so you will have renewed clarity and balance. Add red jasper to the mix. It is the stone of the human life force and represents the here and now. It cultivates attention in the present so you and your beloved can focus on each other in the moment. Where there is no outward distraction, passion increases, and romance is naturally rekindled.

Dilute either ylang-ylang, rose geranium, or bergamot and wear this essential oil during the month of February to keep your mind and heart open to the feelings of love. You can make a roller ball and refresh the application of the essential oil throughout the day. Diffuse one of these essential oils for romantic evenings and fill the room with the scent of eternal love. Remember to always dilute your essential oils before putting them on your body.

Combining crystals and essential oils can double their individual power and help you fulfill your deepest desires. If you need a boost, encouragement, or reassurance, crystals and essential oils can help.

For more information, check out Crystal Power: 12 Essential Crystals for Health and Healing, and you will find many different ways to combine crystals with essential oils, using the Laws of Karma, Astrology, Goddess Energy, and much more. Essential Oils for Beginners helps you understand the oils, where they came from, their properties and uses on the physical and spiritual levels. When you bring these natural gifts from the earth into your life you can enhance you spiritual intentions and improve your experience of life.

With crystals, essential oils, and your intention, romance is just around the corner.


Kac Young, PhD (Ventura, CA), holds doctorate degrees in clinical hypnotherapy, natural healing, and naturopathic medicine. She runs a private practice where she consults with people who want to change their lifestyle and prolong their lives, helping with weight loss, smoking cessation, addictions, physical conditions, and chronic pain.

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