New Zealand born Australian author VK Tritschler organized and ran the Eyre Writers Festival – the Eyre Writers is a support groups for writers (including youth writers!) in South Australia. To date she has published five books – TRADE SECRETS, THE RISKY BUSINESS OF ROMANCE, THE NOWHERE PACK Series of two books, MAGIC AND MISCHIEF, and this new novel – REVENGE SEEKER.

Capturing the attention of the reader’s mind as she delves into her paranormal fantasy, the author provides a hint of history and atmosphere – ‘Looking upward at the flickering lights of the Australian evening sky, Jess counted the stars one by one, just as she did when she was a small child. There was something special about knowing that these stars were the ones from her own universe, and not another Realm she had accidently jumped into as she tried to learn and control her newfound powers…She saw the passing flash of a shooting star and closed her eyes to make a wish. Letting out her breath, she completed her thought. Wishing was a pointless waste of time. Her father would never come back. He was dead, killed by the same men who were formerly hunting her. In the aftermath, Jess had run away with Peter Noir, her childhood friend and now boyfriend.’ Quite succinctly, the nidus of this novel is presented.

The author provides an overview of the plot – ‘Her Grandfather took her father’s life, and now Jess wants revenge. Heir to a multi-verse kingdom Jess should be the most powerful woman in the world, able to keep her loved ones safe and bring peace to the realms. But with her newfound powers, came newfound dangers. Jess is determined to protect the people she loves. To keep her sister, mother and boyfriend Peter safe, she sends them away, where her enemies can’t find them. When, Peter’s parents find out she’s the offspring of their mortal enemy, they are determined to keep them apart forever. Going alone is perilous, and it’s hard to tell the difference between friend and foe. Determined to bring down her maniacal Grandfather, Jess is just beginning to realize the depth of her ties to those around her and the strength they bring to her. Will she become the great protector or is she more like her Grandfather than she wants to admit?’

This novel is a fine blend of mystery, otherworldly magic, and romance – a gratifying combination beautifully offered. VK Tritschler has the gift for storytelling. Recommended. Grady Harp Reviews