This Back-to-School Season, Storyworks 1 – Available in Both Print and Digital Formats – Will Provide Growing Readers with Highly-Engaging Articles and Activities; First Grade Students Join the Readership of Already 1.6 Million in Grades 2–6

Scholastic Magazines+ today announces the launch and pre-order of the new title Storyworks 1, a print and digital resource to build reading skills for grade 1 students with the foundation of the high-quality, engaging features that have made success stories of Storyworks, Storyworks 2 and Storyworks 3. The first Storyworks magazine was published nearly 30 years ago for grades 4–6, and over the years the results seen in the classroom have prompted teachers across the country to seek similar resources for the younger grades. Today the Storyworks set of titles reaches 1.6 million students and with the addition of Storyworks 1, the collection will support every elementary grade, including advanced kindergarten students, helping to welcome students back to school with an exciting array of multi-genre texts aligned to reading and ELA standards.

To learn more and to explore a sample issue of Storyworks 1, visit:

With six issues per year and 32 pages per magazine, Storyworks 1 offers a variety of features, including:

  • A broad selection of genres and text types, such as read-aloud narrative nonfiction, original fiction, paired texts, silly decodables, mini-graphic novels and poetry.
  • Relevant, contemporary articles and activities that correlate to curriculum standards, build knowledge and expand vocabulary and phonics skills.
  • An overarching theme for each issue, such as friendship, paired with an essential question to aid in social-emotional development, such as “What makes a good friend?”
  • Eye-catching illustrations and photography, plus the beloved Storyworks mascot Nosey, who guides students through the pages to support engagement and build knowledge.
  • Videos that directly connect with articles, sparking curiosity and generating excitement around content.
  • Easy-to-use implementation suggestions for educators to help students build key skills paired with each article
  • Print and digital formats available on any device for in-person and remote learning.
  • Family Engagement opportunities as each child receives their very own print issue to take home as well as family access to online resources that extend classroom learning.

“After two years of learning loss due to the pandemic, we are eager to restart the joy of reading and bring the successful approach of the Storyworks collection to first graders,” said Janice Behrens, Editorial Director for Early Childhood Magazines, Scholastic Magazines+. “Scholastic Magazines+ has a 100 year history of exciting students in reading and part of the magic is in the use of this highly-visual medium. Research such as the Kids & Family Reading Report has found magazines have an appeal that only grows with a child’s age and has the added trait of being the only format preferred by a greater percentage of infrequent readers than frequent readers. Our hope is that this magazine will contribute to setting the foundation for a lifelong love of reading for growing readers, while building confidence and fostering social-emotional skills.”

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