PODCAST::: Looking into Eternity with Fantasy Author Zachary Hagen on Book Lights


Looking into Eternity with Fantasy Author Zachary Hagen on Book Lights


Zachary Hagen is a Minnesota based fantasy author and editor. He lives there with his wife, Claudia, and their dog, Flynn. When he isn’t busy writing his next book or working with an editing client, you can often find him walking around his neighbor hood or up hiking. You can learn more at: https://zacharyhagenwrites.com/

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Here’s a peek at Zachary’s latest release ETERNITY’S MIRROR

Flip the coin and find a whole new world on the other side.

The Circle is uniting the countries of Lux Terra. Elior, Nyx, and Opal are finding that some things have changed as the result of their adventures with Michael. Yrahkaz has been tasked with squashing the growing obsession with Michael.

When an important clue to finding Eliam and fixing Nyx’s and Opal’s problems is given to them, they recruit the help of a disgraced magi-technician to get to him, but their initial success is more then they bargained for.

The other side of the Mirror of Eternity is filled with wonders and dangers they never imagined. Will they still be able to prevail against an evil that is bent on devouring them whole, or will they fall prey to its cunning pursuit?

Eternity’s Mirror is the thrilling continuation of The Eternal Chronicles picking up where Eternity’s Well left off.

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