BOOK REVIEW: “Tongues of Serpents” by Naomi Novik


Tongues of Serpents” by Naomi Novik

This is Book #6 in the Temeraire series. For those who don’t know. Temeraire is a dragon

Because Laurence chose to help save the lives of hundreds or, possiblly, thousands of dragons from a horrible disease (many of them French) he has been found guilty of treason and sent to Australia with Temeraire.

They have three unhatched eggs with them.

Once there, and with no rank, Laurence and Temeraire are finding the new land a bit of a tough go.

Then one egg hatches, and Ceasar enters the world as a bit of a spoiled brat. He grows quickly, and by the time another egg was STOLEN he is able (well, kinda) to join the search force including Temeraire, Iskierka, Laurence, Granby, Riley, Tharkay, and some prisoners in search of the people who took the egg, and a way thru the mountains.

On the journey across Australia, another egg hatches and Kulingile enters the world (choosing Demane as her Captain) as an optimistic fighter who knows she will overcome her initial disabilities. (In fact, if she lives, Dorset thinks she will be larger than Maximus!)

Meeting all sorts of enemies (the bunyip), horrible weather, and drought…..the team….

Oh, to find out what happens you will have to read the book. 🙂

Great adventure! Great fun. 🙂


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