BOOK REVIEW: These Lingering Shadows: An Anthology of Gothic and Haunting Tales


These Lingering Shadows: An Anthology of Gothic and Haunting Tales

Author Daemon Manx lives a fascinating life and has a true gift for writing short stories in the genres of horror, supernatural, suspense, and speculative fiction. His works appear in anthologies, in his own standalone short stories, and in books co-authored with other writers – such as his latest compiled anthology LINGERING SHADOWS, honoring fourteen colleagues in horror along with his own short story, published by Last Waltz Publishing. Referencing the title, ‘gothic’ is defined as something that is characterized by mystery, horror, and gloom – for those uncertain of the term…

The tone of this satisfying anthology of some of the most terrifying horror stories by fifteen authors’ sets of eyes and minds is darkly set by a quote by Mikhael Bulgakov – ‘What would your good do if evil didn’t exist, and what would the earth look like if all the shadows disappeared?’ Daemon Manx et al offer gothic horror tales, stories of murder, death, after-death, haunting, curses, deception, mythical creatures, macabre places and events that coincide to leave us breathless – and while the presentations are offered in contemporary terms at times, adding erotica and conversations that feel immediate, the overall effect is one of sheer magistery of the genre of terror tales. They conjure memories of nightmares, darkened rooms, hidden spaces defying entry – everything that stimulates shudders and simulates dyspneic gasps. These fifteen immensely creative and concocted stories set just the right tone for this autumnal Halloween season!

BY: by Daemon Manx  (Author), Jeremy Megargee  (Author), Christy Aldridge  (Author), Michael J Moore (Author), Jae Mazer (Author), Heather Miller  (Author), James G Carlson  (Author), Jo Kaplan (Author), Tony Evans  (Author), Candance Nola (Author), Guy Quintero  (Author), Jack Wells  (Author), Diana Olney  (Author), Danielle Manx (Author), D. E. Grant (Author), Matt Scott  (Author), Candace Nola 

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