BOOK REVIEW: Howl Once for Murder: An absolutely gripping whodunit with a really charming dog By Krista Lockheart , Dorothy Danger



Howl Once for Murder: An absolutely gripping whodunit with a really charming dog By Krista LockheartDorothy Danger

A winner! Just the right diversion for a winter’s evening

Author Krista Lockheart entered the literary stage this year and already has four books to her credit – APRIL SHOWERS BRING DEAD FLOWERS, A MENAGERIE OF MURDER, EVERY THORN HAS A ROSE and now HOWL ONCE FOR MURDER. Her genre – cozy mysteries, and she has created an especially fine series with this Baked Books’ initial volume – the setting, a bookstore cum bakery located in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Krista’s lighthearted witty writing style opens this episode: ‘Adelaide Pascal looked up from where she knelt on the floor to see quite a handsome creature staring back at her as he wagged his multi-colored tail. Truman had been her furry best friend since she adopted him from the Belle Chasse Basset Hound Society a year ago, and as she gazed at him looking so handsome in his canine tuxedo, she adjusted his cute little bowtie that had gone crooked from all the excitement….’ Characters quickly established, the rollicking story opens: ‘Adelaide and Truman (Belle Chasse’s funniest and smartest Basset Hound) are practically inseparable. And when a murder mystery comes barking at their doorstep, they band together to fight for the town they love. After opening Baked Books with her human best friend, Georgia Morgan, Adelaide is delighted when a world-famous author agrees to sign books at their bookstore and bakery’s anniversary event. Truman’s so excited he wears a tuxedo for the occasion! But Oscar Paris’s life as a bestselling author isn’t exactly everything Adelaide fantasized about in her wildest dreams… especially when he turns up dead at his own wedding, which is regrettably Baked Books’ first big catering gig! But with Adelaide and Truman -along with a wildly attractive police detective (Trent Norwood) – on the case, this band of quirky characters, charming animal shenanigans, and puzzles to solve will leave you howling with laughter.’

The story roles along at a merry pace, revealing clues and incidents and findings, all delivered with a spicy wit. Little wonder that the lead character Adelaide ends up with a contract to deliver a reality television cooking show – and some promises of a new episode for this series. Sparkling and polished, this is a book guaranteed to please lovers of cozy mysteries. Recommended.

Grady Harp Review