Book Review: When Grace Found Me: Real-Life Stories of Women of Faith Volume Two by Kim Lengling


When Grace Found Me: Real-Life Stories of Women of Faith Volume Two by Kim Lengling

Author Kim Lengling returns with new first-hand accounts from a collection of strong and faithful women to share their stories of what grace means to them in the book “When Grace Found Me: Real-Life Stories of Women of Faith Volume Two”.

The Synopsis

Have you ever felt unworthy?

The women of this book did not come together by accident. The stories that are shared within these pages are transformative, inspirational, and all of God.

Women from around the world who have persevered, triumphed and now thrive.

The roads travelled may have been hard, but our father God was and is with each of us every day. We can overcome and bloom into who God meant for us to be.

We use our stories and testimonies to shine a light on others. You will be blessed by taking the time to read this book, and who knows, one of the stories within may be the exact story that you needed to read to provide that light for your own path.

You are blessed, loved, and a masterpiece. Never forget that!

The Review

The author continues to bring readers an intimate and inspiring collection of stories from women who showcase the power that grace can have on a person’s life. The way the author is able to hone in on the emotional impact that grace has had on each of the women included in this collection by allowing the women’s voices to shine in an authentic way was brilliantly done. The relatability of the women and their stories will immediately grab the reader’s attention as they naturally bring their stories to life.

Again, while I may not be religious myself, I found the way the author approached the theme of grace and faith to be heartwarming, as the author allowed the natural progression of each woman’s story to showcase how natural, everyday life and major life-changing events alike could make an impact on a person’s life and bring people to a place where faith is needed to help drive their lives forward in a positive light.

The Verdict

Heartfelt, engaging, and relatable, author Kim Lengling’s “When Grace Found Me: Real-Life Stories of Women of Faith Volume Two” is a must-read book on faith and personal growth from a Christian perspective. Faith-based readers will thoroughly enjoy the book’s stories and find heart and hope in the women who bring their personal tales to life on the page. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

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