Heartwarming Poetry: Wounded Hearts Take A Chance By Debbie Quigley


Wounded Hearts Take A Chance By Debbie Quigley

Wounded Hearts Take A Chance is a warm-hearted collection of poetry about taking a second chance on love after heartbreak, written by a retired healthcare worker

Wounded Hearts Take A Chance by Ontario author Debbie Quigley, a collection of warm-hearted poems about learning to love again after betrayal and heartache, is out now from Regina publisher Endless Sky Books.

“I wrote Wounded Hearts Take A Chance to simply give women hope about the possibility of loving again,” says Debbie Quigley. “I was so happy to have it published, once again sharing my whisper-art poetry. Endless Sky has been simply amazing, guiding me and working with me on this heartfelt-project.”

“I’m delighted to be able to publish this charming little collection of heart-warming poems,” says Edward Willett, editor and publisher of Endless Sky Books. “I hope it finds readers for its gentle message of hope.”

Wounded Hearts Take A Chance can be ordered through most bookstores, online or off. It can also be purchased directly from Endless Sky Books at www.endless-sky-books.com.

More about the book

 “It all started one fine summer’s day when a first-glance attraction walked into her yard . . .”

This little book takes you along the poetic, romantic path of a woman opening her broken heart to the possibility of loving again.

To do so, she must tear down the protective walls of aloneness she has built around herself, walls of safety thrown up in the wake of infidelity and betrayal.

Letting a man into her heart again, daring to trust and to feel love and passion once more, opening herself to the risk of suffering more pain, is a big leap . . . but it’s one worth taking, and one she’ll never regret.https://shadowpawpress.com/product/backwater-mystic-blues/. 


Debbie Quigley, author of Wounded Hearts Take A Chance, was born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She is also the author of the poetry collection Wind Whispers. A retired healthcare worker, she lives in a small hamlet surrounded by nature and wildlife. She loves to garden. Debbie’s “whisper-art” poetry is simple and real, telling a story. She has contributed to Spiritual Writers Network publications, and her poetry can also be found on Author’s Den.

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