Book Review: “Midnight Sun” by Jo Nesbo


“Midnight Sun” by Jo Nesbo

“How are we to start this story?”

Certainly not at the beginning since “Ulf” has just arrived, by bus, on the Finnmark peninsula in far northern Norway.

He is coming from the south…..Oslo, where he stole money from the biggest baddest drug dealer (who he was working for) in Oslo….the Fisherman.

Now Ulf is hiding from someone who always finds the people who have done him wrong, then makes an example out of them.

But for now…..Ulf is safe.

Meeting some of the Sami people of Finnmark, one of them, Mattis, suggests he can sleep in the church, which he does.

The next morning, Ulf is awakened by a 10 year old boy, Knut, who promptly tells him his mother, Lea, has to clean where he is sleeping.

Needing a place to stay, Lea tells Knut to take him to the cabin, where…..

“How does a story end?”

“Midnight Sun” is a continuation, of sort, of the previous book (“Blood on Snow”). It is a great read with lots of tension as Ulf awaits his destiny (fileted by the Fisherman?) while falling in love with two people.

Does it end happily?

To find out, you need to read the book! 🙂