What would you give up to protect the one you love? This question is explored in the upcoming sequel to Eric Grissom and Will Perkins’ successful fantasy tale, Goblin. The new graphic novel, Goblin: The Wolf and the Well, is written by Grissom and illustrated by Perkins.

“After Rikt’s first adventure in Goblin, I knew I wanted to throw him up against something even bigger and scarier than a blood-thirsty warrior with a tattooed face,” said Grissom, “and what’s more frightening for a kid than a new school? But there’s so much more going on at Underwood than homework. Rikt and his best-wolf, Fish-breath, are in for a rough ride, but at least they’ll make some friends along the way…and, unfortunately, some enemies, too. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference. I can’t wait for readers to discover the mysteries behind Underwood’s iron gates.”

After losing his parents, Rikt struggles with a fear of being alone. The anxiety becomes unbearable when he receives three prophecies from a mysterious witch, one of which foretells a terrible fate for his best friend, a wolf named Fish-breath. After the first two prophecies prove true, Rikt meets Ms. Evelyn, a friendly human who offers them protection at Underwood, her boarding school for monstrous creatures and wayward wolves. Rikt soon learns things at Underwood are not what they seem and suspects the other children are in danger. With the help of a servant troll girl and a neurotic faun, Rikt must uncover the mystery of Underwood before he learns first-hand what horrors await at the bottom of an ancient well.

Goblin: The Wolf and the Well 
journeys into bookstores on July 16, 2024 and into comic shops on July 17, 2024. It is now available to pre-order for $19.99 at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and your local comic shop and bookstore.

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Praise for Goblin:

“Every page of Goblin not only overflows with imagination, but also with heart, humor, and a deeply emotional journey. I love it.”— Jeff Lemire (Sweet ToothBlack Hammer)

“A heartfelt fantasy yarn about finding light in a world filled with darkness.”— Dave Scheidt (Mayor Good Boy)

Goblin is a treasure! Beautifully illustrated and evocatively told.”—Steve Orlando (Ben 10Batman)

“There is an incredible amount of wisdom waiting in this book. Perfect for fantasy fans and middle schoolers. A must-add to your shelves” —Rosemary Kiladitis, Mom Read It

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