Book Review: “The Takings” by Sandie Will


The Takings” by Sandie Will

9 year old, Wyatt is riding his bike in the woods as fast as he can so he makes it home before dark.

He knows that his dad will be mad if he comes home late again.

He might even get the belt this time.

Then he crashes.

While he is checking out his injuries and the damage to his bike, a shadowy man comes to help……

Adrian Webster is excited about starting his new job, and thankful he does not have to talk to his girlfriend, Lorelei, about getting married, at least for today.

The day starts out normally, then, Adrian starts to see shadows darting in and out of his periphery.


These weird shadows increase in number, and intensity, when he finds out that his best friend, Jeremy’s, 9 year old son, Wyatt, is missing.

Quickly, the shadows become visions and just when he…..

Oh, to find out what happens you will need to read the book. 😉

“The Takings” is a terrific, fast, scary, shocking, twisty-turny read that will keep you up at night……with the lights ON!