The Journey from Manuscript to Print By Ann Aubitz


The Journey from Manuscript to Print
A guide to publishing your book

A game-changing tool for authors in their literary journey by expert publisher, Ann Aubitz

Do you have a book manuscript that you’ve poured your heart and soul into but don’t know the next steps to getting it published? The author, publisher Ann Aubitz, has seen countless authors struggle to navigate the publishing process. But it doesn’t have to be so mysterious or daunting!

Publishing your book can be one of the most rewarding experiences for an author. But it requires understanding the steps from manuscript to bound book. This book will walk you through the publishing process, from editing to production to sales and marketing. You’ll learn insider tips to ready your manuscript for publication and make your book stand out.

Imagine holding your published book in your hands for the first time. Seeing your name on the cover and knowing you made your dream a reality. The sense of accomplishment is unmatched! But it all starts with deciding to publish. This book will provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate the publishing process and successfully avoid rookie mistakes. You’ll be ready to publish like a pro!

If you’re ready to go from manuscript to printed book, this book is for you. Follow along as the author breaks down the steps and provides real-world advice. You’ll gain the clarity and confidence to publish your book and start sharing your story with the world. Let’s start the journey together! The Journey from Manuscript to Print: A Guide to Publishing Your Book eBook : Aubitz, Ann: Kindle Store


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