The Vanished Gardens of Cordova By Emil Rem


The Vanished Gardens of Cordova By Emil Rem

The adventure continues… In his third novel—using his signature blend of personal memories interwoven with history and depictions of his ongoing travels, the author takes us through Spain and Gibraltar—creating an insightful narrative around a vivid host of characters and experiences on this journey to rediscover the ‘vanished’ landscapes of his culture and his childhood.
...“Sitting cross-legged in his tent, Prince Feisal laments, “But you know Lieutenant, in the Arab city of Cordova were two miles of public lighting in the streets when London was a village?”
“Yes, you were great,” Lawrence admitted. “Nine centuries ago.”
“Time to be great again, my lord.”
“My father is old and I…I long for the vanished gardens of Cordova.”

Cordova. The name hung over him like rich, intoxicating Arab perfume. He had longed to visit her since a child. What would she be like? Were her gardens still abloom? …” The Vanished Gardens of Cordova eBook : Rem, Emil, Miller Hansen, Lorie: Kindle Store

The Vanished Gardens of Cordova: Rem, Emil, Miller Hansen, Lorie: 9781775126683: Books –


Emil Rem—an eccentric accountant, has become a writer of eccentric characters in exotic locales—using his stories to take us on a trip into his fascinating twisted world. Born to a close-knit, Muslim, East Indian family in Dar-es-Salam in the 50’s, he then moved to Maidenhead, England at the age of five. The next twenty years were spent shuttling between England and East Africa—attending Christian church wearing a St. Christopher’s Cross one minute, to wearing a green armband at Muslim religious classes in Africa the next. These days, Emil and his wife (originally from the Philippines) live in Calgary, Canada. They have two sons.

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