Murder, We Spoke


A dynamic new True Crime Podcast series that is changing the way that theatre podcasts are heard today!

An audio fiction, true crime podcast. The nine-episode series follows three women as they attempt to become podcasting legends with their true crime podcast, “Murder, We Spoke.” Bernie Brown, Paula Anderson, and Jane “Crescendo” Doe cover everything from unsolved murders to iconic serial killers. As the Murder, We Spoke trio chases their dreams of becoming the number one podcast in the world, they discover just how far they’ll go for fame.

Episode 1 (2/14/24)— It Started With a Fire
Episode 2 (2/21/24) — Nothing Bigger Than a Bunny
Episode 3 (2/28/24) — The Dead Girl Becomes Fire
Episode 4 (3/6/24)— Don’t F*ck With a Lion
Episode 5 (3/13/24) — I Love the Sound of Bones Cracking
Episode 6 (3/20/24)— The Producer
Episode 7 (3/27/24) — The Missing
Episode 8 Part 1 (4/3/24)— The Witches of Marquette Park
Episode 8 Part 2 (4/10/24) – The Witches of Marquette Park

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