Runes of the Dokkrsdottir By Bjorn Leesson


Runes of the Dokkrsdottir
Book One of the Outside the Thalsparr Series

A stunning epic new fantasy by debut author, Bjorn Leesson

The Dokkrsdottir is not your ordinary Norse woman of the Viking age. One of the great warriors of her time, she soon learns that the hardest battles are not always those fought with a sword and shield. Through countless trials and tests, she is led by visions and omens on numerous adventures with the help of steadfast friends and family to discover her mysterious supernatural destiny, one more extraordinary than anyone could ever have imagined.


The story of Myrgjol the Dokkrsdottir begins with her birth in 800s Scandinavia where it becomes immediately obvious that she is very different in so many ways.

After adventures abroad and continuously making friends and loyal allies, and after suffering many losses and setbacks, she bravely travels the many winding paths of her destiny – facing and defeating a dark foe she never expected to face. Runes of the Dokkrsdottir: 9798990549807: Leesson, Bjorn: Books

Runes of the Dokkrsdottir: Leesson, Bjorn: 9798990549807: Books –


Bjorn Leesson has always been fascinated with many topics to include history, the supernatural, and writing. These interests combined led to the Outside the Thalsparr series, with the first book in the series, “Runes of the Dokkrsdottir.” Bjorn was not formally trained as a writer and has worked in the industrial manufacturing field his entire life. Writing his stories and hoping others enjoy them is a passion and not a career.