The Mariners Harbor Messiah by Todd Daily Book Trailer

A COS Productions book trailer


The 1970s. A charismatic young man with extraordinary powers of healing, compassion, forbearance, and clairvoyance – named Amon. Living in an abandoned tugboat on Staten Island’s Mariners Harbor waterfront, this modern-day prophet performs everyday miracles while doing good work for the homeless and the downtrodden. Amon is befriended by a high school science teacher, Tom Haley, whose rational perspective differs from Amon’s spiritual reference frame. The concepts of economic disparity, ethnic conflict, spiritual- secular balance, and changing sexual mores in an evolving society, and idealism in the work-a-day world of 1970s America provide a backdrop to the unfolding plot. Notwithstanding their differences, the friendship between the two protagonists, Tom and Amon, is an ongoing motif in the story.