Book Review: “The Exchange” by John Grisham


“The Exchange” by John Grisham

15 years after surviving “The Firm” (32 years between books in the real world), Mitch and Abby McDeere are happy, safe, and living in New York City.

With two kids, Abby is an editor for a publisher of cook books and, with a great commerical grade kitchen in the apartment….the family gets LOTS of great food from world re-known chefs.

Mitch is now partner with the largest law firm in the world, Scully & Pershing.

Up until now Mitch has been “failing” at saving death row inmates, and this last person, luckily for Mitch, killed himself saving month of work with the inevitable horrible end.

Instead Mitch is assigned to help Luca Sandroni, another partner based in Rome, represent a Turkish company, Lannak who is suing Libya to recover $400 million spent building Gaddafi’s “bridge to nowhere” in the middle of the desert.

Mitch is excited about the prospects of this project and even has picked up a partner in Luca’s daughter, Giovanna, a fellow Scully & Pershing lawyer based in London.

The plan is to visit the bridge to nowhere first.

But, all hell breaks loose and…..

Oh, to find out what happens, you will have to read the book. 🙂

“The Exchange” is a fast, furious thriller with intrigue, suspense, and extreme danger…on a worldwide scale that scarily reaches down to the families involved.

Who survives and who dies?

Gotta read the book. 😉