The Reincarnation of Leonard Book Trailer


A single, tragic episode in a cyclic reincarnation of Leonard, who has cursed himself to live until he avenges his son’s death. He re-enters the time stream as dark forces have infiltrated the highest levels of society, the church, politics and scheme to open a gate back in time; the Syne, to alter the past for a more advantageous present. Leonard is a threat to those that control the world because he can influence the mis-belief in the present. Demons who cannot create, but must make their will into reality by using guile, plot to usurp humanity as the heirs of creation. The highest levels of the church want Leonard’s power to willfully reach beyond the limits of a single lifetime. Leonard’s mis-belief that alters the present construct of reality has come to the attention of the Watchers, who for centuries, have been guardians over the maturation of mankind which is overdue They now have decided to take an active role in protecting mankind from the certain extinction as the dark forces, thought to have been slaves and servants, have grown strong enough to consume humanity’s spark. Duplicity abounds; the ordained turning against the church, the heirs of the vast amounts of assets through the generations who lust after even more plot among themselves and the bureaucrats find threats against their rule everywhere. As a tool of the Watchers against those forces, Leonard is simply advised to go mis-believe.