Get Out Now!!!! Love on the Dark Side by Barbara Harrison


Get Out Now! By Barbara Harrison

Beautiful, naïve Amber Light, falls in love with a tortured artist named Cade Raine. From the first moment she meets him, she is absolutely smitten. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but also successful and wealthy.

 They marry soon after. Without realising it, suddenly, Amber’s entire world revolves around this one man, who isolates her from family and friends then overtly turns against her. He does this subtly at first, allowing Amber to believe that everything which goes wrong in their relationship, is her fault. That is, until she begins to uncover the truth about her husband’s dark side.

Throughout a turbulent marriage of ten years, there are many twist and turns along Amber’s journey with Cade. She eventually understands that she needs to get out of her sham of a marriage. The problem is that she knows Cade won’t allow her to leave, so she must craft a fool-proof plan to escape.

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Barbara Harrison is a woman who loves telling stories. She was an avid reader as a teenager, whose interest in the world of imagination was first stirred by the written word. Barbara started with writing scripts for plays and poetry. This love for words, then extended into a passion for acting and bringing the written word to life. As a hopeless romantic, she mostly enjoyed reading books about true love and finding a soulmate. As she grew into womanhood, the young Barbara began to realize that sadly, the love stories depicted in Mills and Boon novels, were far removed from real life. In 1988 she married her late husband, Russel Harrison, and they raised two children together. After many marital ups and downs and twelve years of marriage, Russel moved to Florida, USA. This was a huge shock to Barbara and their children, who had no desire to relocate overseas. For a period of fourteen years. Barbara lived a life of split family on two continents, travelling between America and South Africa. Tragically, in August 2012, after a mole biopsy on his arm, Russel received news that it had become a melanoma. He recovered well from the surgery to remove the cancer; however, it had spread, and in April 2014 was considered to be stage four and therefore terminal. Both returned to South Africa in July 2014, where Russ received treatment and they could be with family and friends during that dreadful time. On 1 October 2015, their twenty-seventh wedding anniversary, Russel passed away, leaving Barbara a grieving widow. Barbara began to slowly move forward again, and as she looked back to take stock of her life, she began to realize that she had spent most of her married life, living her husband’s dream. Although she thoroughly enjoyed being a wife and mother, there had been no ambition, other than the love of acting many years ago, to follow a career. At the age of fifty, encouraged by two of her friends, Barbara began to write again. Her first couple of endeavors were in the non-fiction world and she did not attempt to publish. One of her friends suggested that she try her hand at writing novels. Another friend greatly believed in her ability to write and constantly encouraged her to keep going, ultimately birthing the book you now hold in your hands.