Sneak Peek: Dissonance of Bird Song By Alexandra Beaumont


Dissonance of Bird Song
The newest epic fantasy by critically acclaimed author, Alexandra Beaumont

In the storm-riven wilds of ancient Cornwall the sea’s whisper will charm us all.

Dissonance of Bird Song is the folkloric-fantasy tale of Eseld, a song-weaver fleeing her home to cure the sacred birds of her people and save her sister. Locked between the lies of land-dwellers and the snare of an ancient sea queen, Eseld must fight to find her own path. Amidst a storm of betrayal and heartbreak, what will Eseld sacrifice to save the ones she loves?

Readers who enjoyed Lucy Hounsom’s Sistersong, Naomi Novik’s Uprooted, and Natasha Bowen’s Skin of the Sea will love Dissonance of Bird Song. Dissonance of Bird Song eBook : Beaumont, Alexandra, Ellis, Stephanie, Spooner, Luke, Olarou, Ana, Turpitt, Elle: Kindle Store


Alexandra Beaumont is a British fantasy novelist with a passion for folklore, playing musical instruments and exploring the wilds of the UK. She has a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, specializing in gothic literature, and her lyrical books weave together myth, magic and intrigue.