PODCAST: Twists and Turns and Unsolved Murders with Author Kara Thomas on Book Lights


Twists and Turns and Unsolved Murders with Author Kara Thomas on Book Lights


Kara Thomas is the author of the YA novels The Darkest Corners, Little Monsters, The Cheerleaders, That Weekend, and The Champions, as well as the adult novels Out of the Ashes and Lost to Dune Road. She lives on Long Island with her husband, son, and rescue cat, where she spends way too much time on Reddit Unresolved Mysteries trying to solve cold cases. For more information, visit www.kara-thomas.com

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Here’s a quick look at Kara’s latest release LOST TO DUNE ROAD:

For a disgraced reporter, unraveling a conspiracy of murder could mean redemption in a powerful novel of suspense by the bestselling author of Out of the Ashes.

Reporter Lee Ellerin’s investigation into a young woman’s unsolved murder gained national attention—only for her to lose everything due to a tragic mistake. After being publicly ridiculed for causing a suspect’s death, Lee is forced to leave her career behind.

Five years later, pregnant college student Amanda Hartley lies in a coma. The police say she attempted suicide, but the details don’t add up. Where is the father? Who was paying for Amanda’s Manhattan penthouse? Why did Amanda have a note with Lee’s name in her backpack? There’s also one alarming coincidence: Amanda was last seen on Dune Road in the Hamptons—where the murder victim in Lee’s previous investigation disappeared.

As she’s pulled back into the still-unsolved case that destroyed her career, Lee sees the chance to amend the mistakes of her past. But finding a killer and unearthing Amanda’s secrets sends her down a darker path than she has ever walked before.